Expert Answers

What main argument / claim does the author make? Are there any contradictions in the argument / claim?
What competing claims (points of view other than the main one the author defends) appear in the essay?
What viewpoints may audience members have that oppose the author’s main argument? What evidence is there that the author anticipates these opposing viewpoints that his audience members might hold? How does the author defend his argument against those opposing viewpoints?
What assumptions does the writer’s argument carry? Do you agree with the author’s assumptions? Why or why not?
Is the author a credible source of information? Is the site on which the article appears a credible one? Why or why not?

Does the author provide valid, credible source material to back up his claim? Why or Why not? What other source material might strengthen the claim?
After reading this essay, what do you know about the audience it is intended for? For example, is the essay intended for all voters? Just for parents?