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Part 1 Consider the sample data for plants a,b c, d of the above company, which are tabulated in table 1. Test whether the four means are equal at the 5% level of significance. Perform a test that will compare all 4 means at once. We are not interested in pair¬wise comparisons at this stage. Please show all the steps in your calculations.

Part 2 The total daily production from all 5 plants of the above company is broken down as follows: 65% of the cans produced daily contain lemonade and 35% a cola drink. These have been the nominal proportions since the beginning of operations of the company. A sample of 24 cans is taken from plant A in a given day and it is found that 23 cans contain lemonade. At the 18% level of significance, test whether the daily proportion of production of lemonade in plant A corresponds to the overall proportion across all plants. Use both the critical and the p¬value approaches.