Expert Answers

1.      Debbie Anderson cuts a piece of wood measuring 4 7/8 inches into two equal pieces. How long is each piece?  Show work
2.      A running back carries the ball 5 times. Find his total yardage if the carries were 9,-3,-1, 13 and 5 yards.  The total yardage is                 (Show work- also type an integer or a decimal)
3.      Simplify the expression
0.2y^2 + 0.5y^2 – 0.3y^2 (use integers or decimals for any number in the expression)
4.    Translate the phrase into a mathematical expression and then simplify
Seven times a number minus three times the same number
a.       Type an expression using x as the variable- Do not simplify
b.      The simplified expression is    (Type an expression using x as the variable)
5.      Use the distributive property to rewrite the expression
(a+4)8  (Simplify your answer)
6.      Find the value of y for the given values of x and z
  x=5, z=13
the value is
7.      Find the area of the triangle with the base 3 2/3 yards and height 3/8 yards ( hint the area of a triangle equals half the product of its base and height)( show work)
8.      Simplify the given expression
9.      Use symbols to write expressions and then evaluate it.
Thirty-six squared divided by six squared
The given expression in symbols is
Evaluate it
10.   The table list the percentage of households that were  3- person households during selected years
Year                 1970 1980 1990 2000
Percent            17.2   17.1   17.3   16.8
a.      What was the percent in 2000? (Type an integer or a decimal)
b.      Calculate the average percentage (round to three decimals places as needed)
11.   Use the formula d=r t to find the value of the missing variable.
d= 115ft,   t=23secs
r=    ft/sec
12.   When the cost of a car is multiplied by 0.4 the result is $1780. Find the cost of the car
13.   Solve the equation and check the solution
-6(t-2) – (t +2) =1
The solution is t=
(Type the integer or a simplified fraction)
14.   The number N of state and federal inmates in millions during year x, where x ≥ 2002, can be approximated by the following formula.
Determine the year in which there were 1.8 million inmates
We need to find x where 1.8 = 0.04x-78.36
0.04x = 78.36+1.8
0.04x = 80.16
x = 80.16/0.04
x = 2004
15.   Use a number line to graph the solution set to the inequality.
16.   partial hour is charged the same as a full hour. What is the longest time that a student can park for $10.00.
17.   Use the multiplication property of inequalities to solve the inequality. Graph the solution set
3/8 x ≥ – 1/16
the solution set is___________ then graph
18.   Solve V= LWH for L
19.   rectangle is 3 inches and its perimeter is 42 inches. Find the length of the rectangle. (SHOW WORK)
20.   Solve the linear inequality 
8 – 5/6 x ≥ 9
21.   Solve the equation and check the solution
-4 (4n+6) =4
22.   Solve the equation and check the solution
23.   The number of Internet users I in millions during year x, where x≥2000 can be approximated by the following formula
I= 111x- 221,477
There were 1090 million Internet users for the first time during the year
Show Work
22.  In 2004, the number of federal hazardous waste sites in California was 2 less than twice the number of sites in Washington. How many hazardous waste sites were there in Washington if
there were 46 such site in California?
24.   In some year, elections for president there were 88.9 million voters, whereas in the next year there were 109.2 million voters. Find the percentage change in the number of voters
25.   Complete the table for the given values of x. Then use the table to solve the given equation numerically.
-5x + 19= 9
Complete the table
    X               0        1        2       3        4
-5x+19        19    14      9       4        -1
26.   Use the formula d=rt to find the value of the missing variable

D=100miles, r=20mph