E Commerce

Assume that you have an e-commerce site hosted on a web server. In many cases, a table is accessed by different processes. For example, let’s assume you need to write transactions to read, update, and delete entries from the table. User processes will use these transactions to access this table. In case of an update or a delete, the transaction should hold a complete lock on the table so that no one else modifies or reads inconsistent data. Then the transaction should update or delete the data and unlock the table. Similarly, in case of a read, the transaction should not allow users to write or update data.

Based on your understanding of the scenario, respond to the following:

•Discuss the scenario in relation to the following parameters:

◦Cost of implementation

◦Competition security

◦Consumer demand

•Discuss what parameters you will consider while ensuring Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability (ACID) properties. Also discuss the algorithm.

  • List at least three functions pertinent to the administration interface and give a brief description to what each function does.

•What are the similarities and differences between a regular user interface and an administrator interface?