Conversion Program

You will rewrite the temperature conversion program from the previous week. Your GUI application must inherit from the JFrame class. The GUI and event handling setup should be done in the constructor. Do not use any of the GUI editing capabilities of Eclipse for this assignment. The temperature conversion application should have a label and JTextField in which the user inputs a value which must appear in the upper part of the frame. There should be a set of three radio buttons which indicate the input scale of the value to be converted.

There should also be a set of three radio buttons which indicate the output scale to be converted to. The three input scale buttons must appear vertically aligned (i.e., use a JPanel) on the left side of the display, and the three output scale buttons must appear vertically aligned (i.e., use another JPanel) and appear on the right side of the display. Event handling should be set up so that selection of any input or output radio button causes an event which triggers the event handling code to determine which of nine possible conversions is needed. You can display the result in an output text field or in a Jlabel which appears in the bottom part of the display.

Your program should accurately convert from Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin to Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin. NOTE: Only the selected conversion is displayed in the output area!!! When the conversion selection changes, the output area should change to show only the new result. The output should display three digits after the decimal point. HINT: Use the ItemListener interface and use the isSelected method on the radio buttons to learn which buttons are turned on!