CMIT350 Quiz 2

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

1.The Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) sends data using a reliable connection.

2.The system configuration dialog presents a series of prompts that guide you through the initial configuration for the router.

3.Ping and Trace are available only from the user EXEC mode.

4.IPX/SPX can be routed across the Internet.

5.For the RIP (version 1) routing protocol, hop count is the sole metric used to determine the relative desirability of a particular path.

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

6. tell the computer or router which part of an IP address is the network portion and which part is the host portion.
a. CIDR tables
c. Subnet masks
b. Summarization tables
d. Router masks

7.IPv4 networks rely on , which is inefficient because many hosts unnecessarily see and partially process traffic not ultimately destined for them.
a. multicasting
c. unicasting
b. anycasting
d. broadcasting

8.The  transition method involves enabling IPv6 on all routers, switches, and end nodes but not disabling IPv4—so both version 4 and version 6 stacks run at the same time.
a. scheduling
c. dual stack
b. tunneling
d. natting

9.When the prompt displayed is the greater than symbol, the router is in  EXEC mode.
a. privileged
c. superuser
b. admin
d. user

10.User mode does not allow you to configure the router. To do this, you must go into the  EXEC mode.
a. privileged
c. user
b. config
d. router

11.The editing command  moves the cursor to the end of the current line.
a. Ctrl+E
c. Esc+B
b. Ctrl+F
d. Esc+F

12.The  command is typically used as a legal means of warning anyone who accesses the banner that they will be held accountable.
a. banner legal
c. banner motd
b. legal motd
d. motd on

13. contains the working copy of the current Cisco IOS and is the component that initializes the IOS for normal router operations.
a. ROM
b. Flash memory

14.If you want to view the contents of the startup-config, you can type  at the enable prompt.
a. show config
c. show startup-config
b. run startup-config
d. show rom-config

15.The command  indicates that you want to overwrite the existing NVRAM with the configuration information stored on the TFTP server.
a. configure memory
c. copy tftp startup-config
b. configure overwrite-network
d. configure terminal

16.In the event you are configuring a serial interface as a DCE (data communication equipment), you will need to add the  [bandwidth in bits per second] command.
a. clockrate
c. bbps
b. baud
d. baudrate

17.You can examine the configuration register by typing  at either the enable mode or user mode prompt.
a. show configuration
c. show version
b. show reg
d. show register

18.An autonomous system (AS) uses  as routing protocols.
a. Exterior Gateway Protocols
c. Limit Gateway Protocols
b. Border Gateway Protocols
d. Interior Gateway Protocols

19.The Cisco  command turns on RIP routing for a network.
a. rip
c. routing rip
b. network
d. rip ip on

20.The  command displays real-time rip updates being sent and received and places very high processing demands on your router, which could affect network performance.
a. show ip rip
c. debug ip rip
b. show ip protocol
d. debug ip protocol

21.The  command allows you to configure an administrative distance.
a. ip distance
c. adm distance
b. ip route
d. adm route

22.A  route is a type of static route that the administrator configures.
a. stub
c. breakfall
b. hub
d. default

23.Default routes are sometimes called  routes.
a. fallback
c. network
b. break
d. quad zero

24.Your router receives a summary address of 192.168.176/21. What address range will your router forward based on this summary address?
a. through
c. through
b. through
d. through

Multiple Response
Identify one or more choices that best complete the statement or answer the question.

25.Which subnet mask is the most efficient for point-to-point serial links when using VLSM?

Match each item with a statement below:
f. RIP version 1
c. Subnet mask
h. Nibble
i. IPv6
e. Summarization

26.the next generation of IP

27.indicates how much of the IP address represents the network or subnet

28.also known as route aggregation

29.a global, government-independent entity with overall responsibility for the Internet

30.four bits, which is half of a byte

Short Answer

31.Describe CDP and its features.

32.Would you use CDP at your current or future workplace and why?

33.What is IPv6? Will it replace IPv4 and why?