Case Study

Case Study Directions (must be in Microsoft Word or rich text format)


The purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to apply the concepts and ideas from the text. This will also give the student an opportunity conduct an overall review of the material.


A case study is an in-depth look at one individual. Conduct the case study on one person. This will allow you to get a detailed picture of an individual adolescence. The person needs to be 14-18 years of age. You may choose a relative or anyone that fits the criteria in your community.


In order to write this paper you will need to conduct several interviews with the individual. In addition to the face to face individual interviews you may interview relatives and close friends. Obtain permission from the individual and other people you may interview. Also spend time looking at any photographs and memorabilia the individual or relatives may have. You are seeking to gather information that will give a holistic view of the person.


The following outline will assist you in the presentation of the case study.

Type the assignment
Use APA format, double spaced
Length: 10-12 pages
Utilize your text to apply understanding of the individual.
Underline all concepts/terms as they are applied. Attempt to apply approximately 3-5 terms for the following sections of the paper.

Sections to be used in the paper:

  • Introduction of the individual chosen for the study
  • Summary of how the information was obtained
  • Physical development
  • Family relationships
  • Peer relationships
  • School/ Education experience
  • Self and Identity
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Moral development, Values & Religion
  • Future hopes and goals (career, personal, family, dreams…)
  • Your personal reaction to the paper

Review the “Key terms” at the end of your chapters to assist in identifying terms and concepts to apply in your writing. You should attempt to include key terms (2-3 terms) in each of paper sections. It is also helpful if these sections have headings.

Example: Jason clearly remembers his thirteenth year. He experienced his adolescent growth spurt and grew five inches.

Example: Adolescence has been tough for Sharon. She frequently experienced a depressed mood as a result of her mother’s death. In an attempt to alleviate the pain she has experimented with alcohol and marijuana.