Now that you have read about all of the biomes and marine ecosystems that exist, you are to make one up that does not.  Your assignment is to create a new and undiscovered terrestrial biome or marine ecosystem.  If you do not feel that your talents fall under the realm of creativity you may describe the biome of one of your favorite places that does exist.

This can be completely hypothetical but write as though it exists.  You must include the types of dominant plants and animals that could live there.  They can either be ones that
exist now or you can describe some new ones.

Use the examples of biomes or marine ecosystems in chapter 16 as a guide of how to describe your biome or marine ecosystem.

Whether you decide to be creative or not, you must include and discuss the main requirements for the biome to function.  In other words, you need to include the amount rainfall (or other ways of acquiring water), temperature ranges, amount of light, position on the globe, growing season length, interactions between some of the species (plant vs.
plant, plant, vs. animal, etc.), and other biome/ecosystem descriptions necessary to explain your environment.