Conduct research

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Conduct research and locate a minimum of five scholarly journal articles regarding the benefits and challenges of self-contained, inclusion, and resource room placement settings for individuals with mild to moderate disabilities. Your research articles should also encompass the effects of these placement options on both individuals with mild to moderate disabilities and individuals without exceptionalities.
In a 500-750 word response:
Identify how an individual’s patterns of learning and development, interests, and cultural and linguistic factors affect decisions leading to placement; and
Analyze specific strategies that facilitate integration of individuals with exceptionalities into the placement options described and how they maximize positive social interaction, create meaningful academic engagement, and increase self-motivation.
Observe and interview one certified K-12 special education teacher on the topic of the
IEP process. Your interview should address the following:
Who are the stakeholders are involved in the IEP process? What are the roles and
responsibility of each stakeholder?
If there are any stakeholders absent, what are the procedures? Can the meeting
still take place? Can stakeholders participate via technology?
Who leads an IEP meeting and how does an IEP meeting begin? What must be covered?
How should an IEP meeting conclude? What must be covered?
What are the main components of the IEP?
How are IEP goals and an intervention plan for those goals determined?
Who are the stakeholders involved in a transition plan?
What are the main components in a transition plan (according to the age of the
individual with exceptionalities)?
What are the next steps for a special education teacher after the IEP meeting takes place?
Who receives copies of the IEP? What are the confidentiality rules surrounding
these copies?
In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect upon your interview and explain how you will use your findings in your future professional practice.
Using the “Case Study: Bryanna,” continue the scenario by describing the student progressing through the 10-step special education process required by IDEA 2004, using “The Basic Special Education Process under IDEA 2004” as a guide. Complete this assignment in 1,000-1,250 words.
Support your essay with 3-5 resources.