Can you make notations

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Patient Blood Pressure Report

Each day a text file named patient.txt is opened from the USB Drive (what is currently in the information I sent you – just a text file). The patient.txt file contains patient names, ID numbers, and systolic blood pressure results from a lab.
An opening graphic and title are displayed on the Windows Form object.
A file menu includes options to Display Patient Information, Clear and Exit. Selecting the Display Patient Information option displays the contents of the patient.txt file on a second windows Form Object.
The patient names and systolic blood pressure levels are assigned to an array that holds 16 elements each.
Blood pressure systolic levels are tested to check whether the systolic number is above the value of 120
All patients who have a systolic level above 120 have their names and systolic results written to a text file named consult.txt on the USB Drive (the txt file that is included with this information).
The program displays the number of patients who had a systolic level above 120 and the average systolic value of today’s patients.
Can you make notations in the code indicating what section of code does for each project?