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COP 2800, Java Programming, Fall B 2018

Modify a Java program meeting the following requirements using concepts presented up to chapter 13.
Using the program provided, listing 6.12 PrintCalendar, you are to modify the program to validate the
year entered is numeric, positive, and the correct length of four digits. You will also validate the month
entered is from 1 to 12. If either is incorrect you need to create a Custom Exception class that states the
problem, and allows the member to change either the year or month, using a Try…Catch block. Once
you have validated the data you need to print out the calendar for the month entered.
At the beginning of the program add appropriate comments as in previous assignments.

Purpose: Modify a java program from detailed directions.
Ability to:
Follow established programming standards for writing java programs
Able to interrogate data
Create a custom Exception
Use the custom Exception with a try catch block
Use the print statement for output

Put your <>.java file, pictures of code, proof of compile and output in a zipped file and upload in the Assignment 5 folder under “Assignments”.

COP 2800, Java Programming, Spring B 2018

Write a Java program using concepts up to chapter 16 that meets the following requirements:
Use the details of Assignment 4 Cakes and use JavaFX to create a windows application. Use combo
boxes for the user to choose cake type, flavor, size, filling and decoration. Once the user has made their
choice display the user’s choices. You will provide what is available for each choice in the combo boxes.
Have at least 3 choices for each item. You will not need to create any objects. Add the name of the
business with the slogan. Add color and an appropriate graphic to the output. Hope you have fun with
this one.

As usual, at the beginning of the program add the standard comments including a program description.

Create a java program from detailed directions.
Ability to:
Follow established programming conventions for writing java programs
Able to use JavaFX
Create a scene and place in the stage
Able to use loops
Able to use if statements
Create Labels
Create Buttons
Create combo boxes
Create text box
Use Color
Add a Graphic
Create an Event Driven Program

Upload your zipped .java file, screen shots in the Assignment 6 folder under “Assignments”.