After observing

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Directions: Below are some hypothetical matching-to-sample scenarios. Suppose you are working with a student who is learning to match the sample word to the correct comparison (in this case, the identical word). The top row of the table represents the sample. The second row represents the comparisons, and the word in bold is the selection of the student. After observing a number of these trials, write down what you think is serving as the source of stimulus control for this student’s responses. Keep in mind the position of each comparison stimulus (i.e. left, center, right).
1) Location of the word (right one is always chosen, like short term memory)
2) Timing of trial (response repeats every second trial)
3) Sample match identification (correctly matched words)
4) Door identification (only door chosen)
5) Location of the word (left one is always chosen, like first impression)