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Open Access and create a new database named “5-5 Applicants.”

Create a table named “Applicants” with the following fields: Date, Position, First Name, Last Name, and Phone. Select “Date” as the field type for the Date field. Select “Text” or “Short Text” as the field type for the other fields. Select the Phone field as the primary key.

Enter the following information into the table. Enter the current year in the dates (instead of 20–).

Date Position First Name Last Name Phone

Date Position First Name Last Name Phone1/3/20—Cashier Jennifer Smith 541-555-01011/4/20—Stocker Forrest Bayly541-555-01221/4/20—Cashier Susan Mcintyre541-555-01311/5/20—Manager Barry Gamble541-555-01251/5/20—Cashier Joshua Neslund541-555-00301/6/20—Stocker Erin Gonzales541-555-01271/6/20—Manager Laura Reynolds541-555-01291/7/20—Cashier Amy Pederson541-555-01241/7/20—Cashier Serena Worcester541-555-01261/7/20—Stocker Philip Raymond541-555-01331/8/20—Cashier Bryan Crider541-555-01081/8/20—Manager Sara Reyes541-555-01151/8/20—Stocker Lauren Hurst541-555-01281/9/20—Manager Jennifer Smith541-555-01541/9/20—Stocker Tom Reitz541-555-01141/9/20—Cashier Kelly Tumpane541-555-0111

The owner has asked you to create a list of applicants sorted in ascending order first by the position and then by the last name. Create a query based on the Applicants table. In the query results, display all fields, and sort the data as requested. Save the query as “Position Sort Query.” Run the query and save the results table.